Imagem de uma pinha ao lado de objetos que têm escrito 31 de dezembro

Sustainable New Year's Eve: it's possible!

This year, your 31st could be different! So that you can have a sustainable New Year's Eve Joana Moreira gives you some very relevant ideas.

Water, the ephemeral resource that needs to be actively managed

Water is a natural resource that we must value. In this article, we tell you how we value it and give you several tips to put into practice.

Frigideira em processo de fritura

Does the frying process affect the quality of the cooking oil?

Before we recycle used cooking oil, we use it to prepare food. And does the frying process affect its quality?
Tartaruga no oceano

How can an eco-friendly detergent protect the oceans?

We need detergents to keep our homes clean and we need cooking oil to prepare meals. But how can we avoid this pollution and continue using these two products?
Pessoa a despejar óleo alimentar usado através de um funil para uma garrafa

What to do with used cooking oil?

Because it is waste with so many impacts at various levels, it must be valued and, therefore, recycled. Know what to do with used cooking oil.
Pessoa a agarrar numa garrafa de óleo usado, no corredor de supermercado dos óleos alimentares usados

Used Cooking Oils: what happens to them in Portugal?

Used cooking oils are a product that is not lacking in a Portuguese kitchen, as they are part of the preparation of various meals. But do you know what happens to this waste after you discard it?
Óleo alimentar usado

Impact of used cooking oil: do you know what it is?

Cooking oils are used at home and in restaurants to prepare food. Once used, they must be recycled as they have negative impacts. Find out which ones here.
Caneca de chá que retrata o tema dos benefícios do chá

The 4 benefits of tea

Tea, in addition to awakening memories, can have benefits for our body, but do you know what they are? Find out which ones and see some tips on organic teas.
Círculo com os objetivos de desenvolvimento sustentável

Sustainable development goals: the impact of upcyling detergents

Sustainable development goals play a fundamental role in protecting society and the environment. Discover how detergents contribute to this positive impact.
Imagem com abóboras e morcegos num halloween sustentável

How to celebrate a sustainable Halloween?

Do you usually celebrate Halloween with family and friends? This year do something different: discover some tips for a more sustainable Halloween.
Imagem de chapéu e folhas, numas férias ecológicas

6 essentials for your ecological vacation

Are you going on vacation but this year do you want to have an ecological vacation? Here are the 6 essentials so you can rest and protect the planet at the same time.

Rapaz com mochila no regresso às aulas sustentável

4 tips for a sustainable return to school

Already looking forward to classes? May you have no shortage of tips for a sustainable return to school. You know everything here.