Embalagem de óleo alimentar usado a verter e a dar origem ao detergente EcoX

Did you know that 1 liter of used cooking oil contaminates up to 1 million liters of water?

We value waste that creates problems on the planet, with the aim of transforming it into low-impact detergents.

Our purpose is to clean your home and the planet, avoiding
the negative effects of used cooking oil and single-use packaging .

Pessoa a agarrar a caixa com símbolo infinito EcoX na praia

We clean your future, every day

In all EcoX actions and products we take the Sustainable Development Goals into account.

Embalagem a ser cheia com detergente roupa aloe vera EcoX

Because you deserve a unique experience

Cleaning products that are effective while facilitating,
simplify and create an enriching experience for all generations and the environment.

Mão a agarrar uma embalagem EcoX vazia

With minimal impact of plastic on your life

We reuse the packaging over and over again: we sanitize it and put it back on the market. We offer the possibility of refilling packaging, using less plastic.

From an idea to Purpose

What if we valued used cooking oil,
transforming it into a new essential product?

Kit educativo soapy

EcoX is born with the Soapy Kit

A kit that allows you to transform used cooking oil into liquid hand soap.

At the beginning, we focused on raising children's awareness of the importance of recycling and protecting the planet.

Pessoa a fazer a experiência do Kit educativo soapy

Today we are more than detergents

Our purpose is to create a unique cleaning experience that allows you to recycle used cooking oil and have it back at home in the form of detergents, which you can buy in bulk.

By refilling packaging, you avoid the consumption of single-use plastic and its impact on the planet.

Adulto a fazer a experiência do Kit educativo soapy com crianças

We know the power of children

We bring to every teacher and every child the purpose of recycling and cleaning the world, to ensure a better quality of life for everyone and for future generations.

Adulto e crianças a fazerem a experiência do kit soapy

We have been carrying out awareness raising activities since 2018

In schools, ATL, gyms, companies and associations.

Relatório de sustentabilidade EcoX

Small changes make big cleanings

We measure our differentiation in the world with the purpose of reducing the impact of cleaning.

Change has increased. Imagine if this change were increasingly global!

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