Detergente aloe vera EcoX, feito a partir de óleo usado, a ser colocado na garrafa da marca

EcoX values ​​more than 6000L of used cooking oil and prevents the contamination of more than 4M liters of water

EcoX measured the impact of its activity on the planet throughout 2023, during which it recovered 6000L of used cooking oil. Read the full news here.
Imagem do globo terrestre e bonecos em papel a darem as mãos, para retratar o tema da responsabilidade social

The importance of Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is a current topic of attention. We uncover its importance and how it is related to sustainable development.
Pássaros no seu habitat, para retratar a importância de proteger a vida terrestre

Protecting life on Earth: our contribution

Biodiversity is essential to the natural world and human well-being and protecting life on Earth can be one of the solutions. Find out how EcoX Pro contributes here.
Cientista a colocar óleo alimentar usado em água, que é um resíduo que provoca a poluição da água

Water pollution: how can we avoid it?

Water pollution has causes and consequences, as is the case with marine life. Find out how we work daily to avoid these problems.
Zona de casas e campo para retratar o tema das comunidades sustentáveis

Sustainable communities: the contribution of EcoX Pro

Sustainable communities are a goal for Sustainable Development. How does EcoX Pro contribute to this?
Zona de fogão de cozinha industrial

How to clean the kitchen? We give 5 suggestions!

Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen is an increasingly important action. But how to clean the kitchen? What products should I use? We give 5 suggestions.

Zona de Energia eólica para retratar o tema da inovação

The importance of innovation

Innovation plays an important role in sustainable development. Know why and how EcoX Pro is part of the change.
Lavandaria com máquinas e cesto de roupa suja para destacar o tema do detergente de roupa para a área profissional

Laundry detergent for the professional sector: the advantages in washing

Are you looking for a laundry detergent for the professional sector ? Discover the advantages of the new Nature Clothing.
Parte de cima de 3 detergentes ecológicos EcoX

Ecological detergents: the EcoX advantages

EcoX produces ecological detergents from waste. But what is your production process like? How does it differ? What are the advantages? Uncover everything.
Roupa e saco ao lado com o símbolo da economia circular

Circular economy: the advantages in production and consumption

The circular economy is a model that is increasingly important for the planet. But what is the circular economy? And what are the advantages? You know everything here.
Imagem com desperdício alimentar na cozinha

Avoid food waste in kitchens: 5 tips!

In Portugal, around 1 million tons of food are wasted per year. How can you avoid food waste in kitchens?
Caderno com o símbolo da economia circular para retratar o tema do desenvolvimento sustentável

The importance of sustainable development

Addressing environmental problems is an urgent task and sustainable development can help. But what is this concept and what are its objectives?