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Naturally effective, also for professionals.

Your space with more sustainability. We support the strategy and practice of your circular path to keep your business and the Planet more protected from unwanted waste.

We produce professional detergents
made from used cooking oil.

Can be used in any professional sector
such as Horeca, Schools, Institutes, among others.

Produto EcoX Pro com certificação Ecolabel

More than upcycling detergents, a circular concept

Cleaning and hygiene are essential for greater safety and comfort for people in each sector and area of ​​all types of business.

EcoX Pro professional detergents have the circular economy and HACCP certification in their production DNA, meeting high quality standards and guaranteeing effective cleaning results.

With an exclusive partnership with Mistolin Solutions, products are sold through this company.
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Why EcoX Pro?

-50% extraction of resources: we avoid the extraction of these resources to produce our products, which are obtained under the most demanding standards of quality (ISO:9001), environment (ISO:14001) and safety from the user's perspective (IFS HPC) .
Collection of used cooking oil: we promote and help clean up the negative impacts of used cooking oil.
Low cleaning impact: one of the steps for businesses to obtain ecological certifications.
Low impact cleaning Sustainable partnerships

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

We have found that the quality is equal to or even better than that of the "conventional" products we have used throughout our lives.
— Quinta da Sra Marocas

How does this circular concept work?

Promotes the collection of used cooking oil, its recovery and the supply of upcycling detergents.

We help you collect used cooking oil and transform it into professional detergents.
This collection is carried out by qualified partners who collect this waste and, after being treated, it goes, in part, to the manufacture of EcoX Pro detergents. The collection also results in discounts on the purchase of products.

HOSPES Program

EcoX Pro is a partner of the Portuguese Hotel Association within the scope of the HOSPES Program, a corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability program, which allows the recovery of used cooking oil and the use of upcycling detergents.
Valorization of used oil Valorization of used oil
Dístico EcoXSpot na porta de um estabelecimento

Distinguish your business in sustainability

The EcoXSpot program takes your business to another level of sustainability, through differentiation and communication with your customers. ​If your space is going to be taken care of with EcoX Pro products, then yes, it's for you.
Benefits :
  • Give notoriety to your sustainable actions;
  • Show your customers that you care about their well-being and comfort;
  • Reveal your power in protecting the Planet;
  • Gives your business more visibility.​
It is awarded annually and renewal is possible taking into account some requirements.

Sustainable Cleaning Certificate

It is a report prepared for each EcoX Pro partner, which records their positive impacts during a given year:
-Liters of water protected from contamination
- Liters of used cooking oil collected
- Natural resources protected from extraction

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