Mão a segurar uma etiqueta de uma peça de roupa

Como ler etiquetas de lavagem da roupa? Os benefícios de conheceres os símbolos antes de cada lavagem

Os símbolos de lavagem da roupa dão indicações importantes para um maior cuidado e processo de lavagem. Descobre como ler etiquetas de lavagem de forma correta.
Criança a fazer experiências

Advantages of Soapy: the EcoX educational kit

Soapy is an educational kit that promotes the transformation of used cooking oil into detergents. Know its advantages for any child over 6 years of age.

Mão a apontar para o bolor, para retratar o tema de como limpar bolor nas casas

How to eliminate mold from our homes

Does mold often visit your home uninvited? In this article we will give you some tips on products to use to eliminate mold.
Máquina de lavar loiça, para retratar o tema de lavar a máquina da loiça

Tips for washing the dishwasher

We all agree that the dishwasher is a very useful appliance to have in our homes. It saves us time when cleaning other rooms in the house and, if we...
Roupa de bebé branca, para retratar o tema de usar branqueador da roupa

Clothes whitener: a sustainable measure

Faced with pollution and disposal of textiles, it is essential to be sustainable in washing of clothing and prolonging the wear time of each item. But how? You know everything here.
Casa de banho, para retratar o tema da limpeza da casa de banho

Cleaning the bathroom: what products to use?

The bathroom is one of the places in our home that we should be most careful about cleaning. Find out here which products you should use in each area of ​​your bathroom.

Pessoa a lavar as mãos, a fazer alguma espuma

Is foam a sign of cleanliness?

Do you know what happens to the foam when it goes into the sewers? And is the amount of foam in the wash equivalent to the removal of dirt? Find the answers here.
Gaveta da máquina e doseador a verter a quantidade de detergente para lavar roupa

How to calculate the amount of detergent for washing clothes?

Find out how you can calculate the amount of detergent to wash clothes with the EcoX digital dispenser. Free. You know everything here.
Pessoa com nódoa na roupa colorida que tem vestida

Tips on how to remove stains from colored clothes

Stains or stains on your clothes? You can get rid of them easily. Here are some tips on how to remove stains from colored clothes.
Mão de senhora a limpar um móvel nas limpezas de outono

Autumn cleaning: the checklist with important tasks

With the arrival of a new season and the return to work and school routines, autumn cleaning also arrives. Discover some advice.
Senhora a selecionar roupa para lavar roupa a baixas temperaturas na máquina

Washing clothes at low temperatures: what are the advantages?

Do you know the advantages of washing clothes at low temperatures? If not, we advise you to read this article. Find out everything.
Rapaz e rapariga a saírem do mar com o seu fato neopreno e prancha de surf

How can you take care of your surf suits with neoprene detergent?

Is surfing your passion? Catch every wave with well-maintained equipment. Find out here how to care for and wash with neoprene detergent.