Doing laundry is a weekly or monthly task for all of us, right? It's a way to stay clean and comfortable on a daily basis.

We talk about the washing machine: do you know how you can extend its life? And even how to clean the washing machine? Get to know everything.

How to clean the washing machine?

To extend its lifespan, eliminate possible bad odors, microorganisms and allow for more effective cleaning without the accumulation of limescale or residue, it is important to also clean the washing machine itself. Let's go?

Remove the compartment where you put the detergent and fabric softener

This is a compartment that you can easily remove to clean: due to the accumulation of products, if you have difficulty cleaning, you can soak it in hot water and then clean it with dishwashing detergent or even vinegar.

Clean the rubber seal in the opening

Use vinegar to also take advantage of and clean this “protection” between the door and the drum of your machine: you can use a damp cloth to help and prevent water from falling into the inside of the machine.

Don't forget the drain filter

Cleaning the washing machine also means taking the filter into account: it is what “holds” all the residue that comes from washing clothes, such as objects that can go inside your trouser pockets.

You can also clean it with vinegar using a cloth so that you can clean all the components.

And the machine itself inside? How to clean?

Although it may appear clean, it may have some germs that accumulate in the corners and, according to Ideal Home magazine, it is recommended to do an empty wash every two months.

In normal washing of your clothes, whether you use Aloe Vera or Natural Soap detergent, you can rest assured that both have an anti-scale component that helps dissolve limescale and, consequently, prevents it from accumulating in the machine.

If you have areas with a lot of limescale, we recommend using a descaler every month which, in this case, can be ecological: cleaning vinegar or bicarbonate.

If you choose Vinegar when washing your washing machine: place it inside the drum (minimum 200mL) and wash at 40º to 60ºC without clothes inside the machine. This way you have an ecological drum wash with vinegar!

A tip: after each wash of clothes, leave the machine door open so that air can circulate in the drum and prevent the proliferation of germs.

The interior is important, but the exterior deserves it too!

To finish cleaning your washing machine, all you need to do is clean the outside: you can use a damp cloth diluted in a solution of water and vinegar.

PS: it is important to note that you must follow the manufacturer's instructions and possible restrictions in the instruction manual as not all machines work or accept the same practices.

Author: Daniela Matos