Every day, at any meal, we can stain our clothes: hello stains! But don't worry, there is a solution: here are some tips on how to remove stains from colored clothes.

All clothes, depending on the type of fabric, require care not only when washing, but also when drying and ironing. In this article you will learn some tips for eliminating stains.

Before washing, you need to analyze

Before starting to wash or apply a specific product, it is advisable to keep some important points in mind.

Pay attention to the type of fabric

Before each wash, it is important to check the label on the item of clothing to find out if the fabric is easily washable and what the washing conditions are.

Placing clothes inside out in the machine to protect them, using a temperature below 30ºC and removing the clothes from the machine as soon as washing is finished are some general tips for removing stains from colored clothes.

And the color of the fabric?

Not only the type of fabric but also its color is important: clothes should be washed together with clothes of a similar color to prevent the items from losing color or becoming stained.

This can happen when, for example, there are dye transfers when washing light-colored clothes with dark-colored clothes.

What are the main types of stains that exist?

There are some types of stains that appear more frequently on clothes, such as chocolate, blood, coffee, ink, sauces, sweat, wine and fruit juice.

Stains, chemically speaking, can be enzymatic (e.g. blood and chocolate), oxidizable (tea, coffee, wine), greasy (oil, butter) and particulate (dirt, mud).

You should treat stains right away instead of letting them dry. However, if you are unable to do so, there are always solutions.

How to remove stains from colored clothes?

Ignore the fear of leaving a stain or stain after each meal. Come and learn more about the solution that answers the question “how to remove stains from colored clothes?”.

What is the recommended product?

Whitener is a product recommended for removing stains and stains from all types of clothing: white or colored. Why?

It is composed of sodium percarbonate, a white crystalline powder, which when dissolved in water releases a mixture of oxygen, water and soda crystals. In addition to removing stains, it is also a natural clothes whitener, as it does not contaminate water.

Another of its added values ​​is the fact that it has a deodorizing action by helping to remove odors from clothes.

Therefore, sodium percarbonate is used to bleach, deodorize and whiten and is suitable for various uses in your laundry: white, light and dark clothes.

It is important to highlight that it is a product that does not contain phosphorus or nitrogen, which makes it an ecological option. When mixed with water it decomposes into hydrogen peroxide (water and oxygen) and sodium carbonate.

How to use bleach on clothes?

After knowing the general ideas and the recommended product, discover how to remove stains from colored clothes in a simple and easy way.

The amount or method of washing will depend on the level of dirt:

  • Normal soiling: 1 tablespoon (15g) for every 5kg of clothes
  • Lots of dirt: 2 tablespoons (30g) for every 5kg of clothes

If you need to soak clothes, for deeper stains and stains, use 2 tablespoons (30g) in approximately 4 liters of warm water (40ºC). Then just leave the clothes to soak for up to 2 hours and wash normally.

At any meal or activity, a stain can get onto your clothes. It is essential to analyze the stain before washing the item of clothing, paying attention to the type and color of the fabric and also the type of stain.

To find out how to remove stains from colored clothes, learn about whitener, a sodium percarbonate-based product that allows you to eliminate difficult stains and stains. Not only does it eliminate stains, it also whitens and removes odors from clothes.

Did you know that EcoX laundry whitener can be used to remove stains from colored clothes? Tell us your experience.

Author: Daniela Matos