Tea, as we all know, is a drink prepared with an infusion of leaves and flowers that can be drunk both cold and hot.

On these winter days, it feels good to drink tea to warm up our body and avoid the need to constantly have household appliances on, such as heaters, right?

Different flavors, incredible trips: teas can have the ability to awaken sensations and emotions as they can bring to mind moments spent with someone we like or moments we had on some trips.

4 Benefits of tea

Tea, being a hot or cold drink, in addition to awakening memories, can have benefits for our body, but do you know what they are?

Despite the studies carried out and their positive results, according to Harvard , it is still not entirely clear whether tea is the cause of the benefits, including:

Stimulates the immune system

Tea can tune immune cells to reach their targets faster.

Contains antioxidants

In other words, it contains vitamins and minerals that help our body stay young and protect itself from free radicals, which are chemicals that are dangerous to our health.

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Especially if it's green or black tea.

Has hydrating power

According to studies, tea also has the ability to keep us hydrated.

Organic teas

After learning about some of the possible benefits of tea, you can also learn about some organic teas.

  • Paisangindo.bio: “Infusions prepared with the best leaves of each plant, entirely produced organically”
  • Herbesan: “food supplements specialized in herbs and natural ingredients”
  • EGENTID: “The production of organic products aims at sustainable cultivation practices that are beneficial for people and the planet.”
  • Infusions with History: “We produce Infusions and Organic Teas that value Portugal”
  • Gorreana: “in our factory and on our plantations the entire process is essentially done by hand and even the machines we use are also centuries old"