Washing clothes is a regular task according to the needs of each person and family. As it is a task that involves electricity, water and detergent costs, it is important to know how much detergent is needed to wash clothes.

There are many questions on this topic: are you putting the right dose of detergent in the washing machine? What is the recommended dose? How do you get the right amount of detergent to wash the clothes you have?

The right dose depends on several factors

There are several factors that determine how much laundry detergent you should use for each wash.

Number of garments and maximum machine load

The more pieces you have, the greater the dose of detergent needed. It is important to fill the machine to save energy and water, but you should not fill it completely.

In other words, if a machine has a maximum load of 7kg, you should place approximately 6kg of clothes because when filling the machine you could damage the appliance, due to overload and extra effort on the motor, and the clothes may not be washed well.

Avoid excess detergent

If you add detergent corresponding to the machine's maximum load, you should change this habit as, in addition to being uneconomical, it can leave residue on your clothes.

It is important to add the detergent corresponding to the weight of the clothes (we will now explain how you can do this quickly!).

Also avoid using too little detergent

In these cases, the clothes are not completely clean and this can cause dirt to accumulate in the machine.

Water hardness is another factor to take into account.

The harder the water in your location, the greater the amount of detergent you will need to use for proper cleaning.

How to solve the stain problem?

You can put a little detergent on the stain or complement the washing with bleach, which helps restore the original appearance of many fabrics and removes different types of stains.

And what is the recommended dose?

The recommended dose for laundry detergent varies depending on the type of water. So, in this case, you must take into account:

  • Soft water: 8mL for every kilo of dry clothing;
  • Hard water: 15mL for every kilo of dry clothes.

In the case of the softener, the quantities are lower:

  • Normal softening: 5mL for every kilo of dry clothes;
  • Extra softening: 10mL for every kilo of dry clothes.

Adjust the dose depending on the items you need to wash

To reduce the margin of error regarding the detergent dose, it is important to know the weight of the clothes.

To simplify this task, we created the EcoX Digital Dispenser: simply indicate the type and quantity of each item you have to wash and, from there, the Dispenser tells you the total weight and automatically calculates the amount of EcoX detergent or fabric softener.

We give you an example!

List of clothes to be washed: 3 sweaters; 1 pajamas; 2 t-shirts; 2 adult pants; 1 shirt; 9 pieces of underwear (boxers, briefs, tights, etc.); 8 pairs of socks; 1 bath towel; 1 tablecloth.

Table showing savings in laundry detergent when using the EcoX digital dispenser
Author: Daniela Matos