Have you thought about ways to reduce your consumption of single-use plastic? Or do you imagine living in a world without single-use plastic? These are issues that we don't think about in our daily lives because we don't even notice the amount of plastic we individually use. But this is a reality, just think about the amount found in the oceans.

To raise awareness among people around the world to reduce their consumption of single-use plastic, the Plastic Free July Campaign was born, created by the Plastic Free Foundation.

Plastic plays an important role, but it is the plastic that we use once and then throw away that has an increasingly greater impact on the environment and is what we can easily rethink and reduce.

To tackle this problem, there are more and more alternatives to plastic that we can embrace and put into practice to make a difference. We give you some tips to reduce your consumption of single-use plastic!

Solutions that help you reduce the use of single-use plastic

Say no to disposable cups and spoons for drinking your coffee

When you go out alone or with friends to drink a coffee, you can always opt for the traditional cup and just in that small gesture you already avoid a small part of your daily plastic consumption. At work it is also easy to reduce plastic and you can choose to take one of your favorite cups with you and wash it after each use.

When removing makeup, make another choice

To avoid waste and environmental pollution, you can opt for reusable makeup removal wipes.

Disposable masks and gloves

We live in times of pandemic and these are ways to protect ourselves and others, but they have had a negative impact on the environment. According to Associação Zero “the reuse of social/community masks is essential to reduce environmental and social impact”.

Choose the reusable bag

Nowadays, and since plastic bags began to be available in supermarkets, it is now common to see people carrying plastic or cloth bags to do their shopping.

Reusable water bottle? Yes!

It's one of the solutions that makes us always have a bottle of water with us and, at the same time, protects the environment from single-use plastic bottles.

Plastic cutlery, cups and plates are an option to avoid

Plastic packaging takes hundreds of years to decompose, so choosing alternatives to avoid its use is a sustainable measure to help our planet.

Make bulk purchases to suit you

In addition to reducing your consumption of single-use plastic, you can take home the right amount you need in your own packaging. There are already several food products and detergents that you can purchase in bulk.

Prefer bamboo toothbrushes

Traditional toothbrushes are complicated products to recycle due to the components that give them their shape. But there is also an alternative: bamboo brushes, which are ecological and biodegradable.

Advantages of the menstrual cup

Every year the amount of tampons and sanitary pads that are discarded has a huge impact on the environment, unlike the menstrual cup which is reusable every month.

Biodegradable kitchen utensils

For the kitchen, utensils are essential for each task and that is why there are kitchen utensils made with biodegradable products.

Choose cloth diapers

During the first year of life alone, it is estimated that a baby uses around 2000 diapers! Therefore, cloth diapers, in addition to being an option that saves you a lot, are ecological options that help you reduce your consumption of disposable plastic.

What about plastic toys that children no longer use?

If you have some at home, you can give them to friends who have children, to associations or second-hand stores.

Despite being a campaign dedicated to the month of July, it is important to rethink ways to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic. Will you join us in contributing to a more sustainable world?

Author: Daniela Matos