Dishwasher rinse aid is part of the cleaning products in many homes. Is yours one of them? If not, you can learn more about this product.

Do you often have stains on your dishes and don't know how to get rid of them? Avoid this problem that can lead you to think that the dishwasher is not washing your dishes and glasses correctly.

In this article we will explain what rinse aid is, its advantages and how to use it. Come and find out how to make your dishes shine.

What is rinse aid ?

This is a product composed of surfactants that reduce the surface tension of water, that is, they cause water to flow off the surface instead of forming droplets. Therefore, there are fewer mineral stains on dishes ( Treehugger ), especially in areas where the water is harder.

In addition to the product containing low-foam surfactants for quick, risk-free drying, it also contains limescale control agents. This keeps machines free from scale in soft to medium hard water.

In this way, the rinse aid promotes faster drying and greater shine on the dishes, being released during the end of the cycle of each wash in your dishwasher.

Advantages of rinse aid: different dishes

Rinse aid is a product that has several benefits during and after washing dishes:

  • Brighter dishes;
  • Increases dish drying time;
  • Protects dishware from stains and marks.

Washing in the dishwasher: 6 steps

The rinse aid is quite simple to use: just place the correct amount in the rinse aid compartment, which is usually next to the dishwashing detergent compartment.

We give you 6 steps to make washing dishes in your dishwasher simple and effective ( Get Set Clean ):

  1. Remove food remains from dishes;
  2. Place the dishes inside the machine in the appropriate spaces, giving them space between each other so that the water and detergent can pass through them all;
  3. Check that all parts of the dishwasher are working correctly, such as rotating objects and compartments;
  4. Add the indicated amounts of detergent and rinse aid to the respective compartments. In the case of rinse aid, place it manually in the dishwasher compartment until it is full. Afterwards, the machine will automatically dose during the rinse cycle;
  5. Starts the wash cycle;
  6. Tell us your opinion about the result.

Rinse aid makes your dishes shinier, increases drying time and protects them from stains and marks. In addition to these advantages, it also acts to prevent limescale accumulation. Its use couldn't be easier: just place it manually in the respective compartment of the machine until it's full.

Are you curious to try this new ecological rinse aid?

Author: Daniela Matos