Knowing the washing machine programs prevents certain problems from appearing in your clothes. So, what is spinning for when washing clothes?

Discover the important steps to washing your clothes in a sustainable way and what spinning in the washing machine is for.

Tips for more sustainable laundry washing

Washing clothes incorrectly causes several environmental and economic problems, such as wasted energy and water and the release of microplastics into the oceans. For these reasons, it is crucial to adopt some more ecological measures to take care of your clothes.

Wash clothes at low temperatures

Textiles can be washed at 30ºC without having a negative impact on the final washing results. There are also detergents that are capable of washing at low temperatures.

In the case of more complicated stains, pre-treating them will help you avoid having to increase the temperature in the washing machine.

Makes almost complete machines

It is important to use machines with an almost full load, that is, you must leave a hand's space between the clothes and the top of the drum.

Thus, at the same time as optimizing the amount of dirty laundry, you guarantee efficient cleaning without overloading the drum and preventing some clothes from being washed poorly.

Choose low-impact detergents

Sustainable detergents have fewer consequences for our planet on several levels. In the case of EcoX upcycling detergents, there are several advantages:

  • They are made from used cooking oil and therefore prevent its consequences on the environment
  • Saves liters of water from being contaminated by this waste
  • They avoid around 50% of the extraction of natural resources for their production
  • These are circular economy products: from production to the reuse of packaging with bulk purchases

Add the correct dose of detergent

How is the amount of laundry detergent calculated? The weight of the clothes as well as the dosage per kilogram indicated in the detergents are factors that influence the total amount of product to be used in each wash.

EcoX created the digital dispenser so you can save detergent and have accurate washes: you just need to indicate the type and quantity of each item of clothing. With this information, the dispenser tells you the total weight of the clothes and how much detergent and softener you need to use.

The choice of machine program is also very important at this stage. Further down in this article, you will find out what centrifugation is for.

Sanitizes the washing machine

This appliance, in order to keep your clothes clean, also needs to be sanitized according to the manufacturer's instructions. This cleaning prevents the accumulation of germs and microorganisms, limescale and increases the durability of the appliance.

Use a microplastic collection bag

With the help of this bag you prevent thousands of microfibers, released with each wash, from ending up in the oceans. At the end, remove the clothes and microplastics from the collector and place them in recycling.

And after all, what is centrifugation for?

Each machine has specific programs for types of clothes, different durations and savings in consumption.

In this particular case, the function of centrifugation is to remove excess water from the clothes. To do this, the internal part of the machine rotates at high speed, preventing the clothes from dripping.

This program prevents you from having to wring out the clothes as soon as they come out of the washing machine, making them easier to dry. Therefore, the higher the spin speed, the less humid the clothes are but also the more wrinkled they may be.

The spin cycle, when set to minimum, allows you to save some time when ironing, as it doesn't leave the clothes so caked.

Reducing the spin speed is one way to reduce the release of microfibers during washing, especially on synthetic clothing. In addition, the use of laundry detergents that provide a soft finish with fewer creases is also a sustainable alternative.

Once you know what centrifugation is for, it's important to know that not all clothes can be washed with this feature: you have to check the instructions on the label of each item.

On this side, what aspects do you pay most attention to when washing clothes in the washing machine? Now that you know what the spin cycle is for, you can adapt the speed and keep your clothes in good condition.

Author: Daniela Matos