Sustainability is increasingly present, whether in environmental policies, in news, on social media and even when purchasing. Check out some sustainability books to increase your knowledge on the topic.

Dive into knowledge: 8 sustainability books

We believe that on this side you already reduce your plastic consumption, buy in bulk, avoid food waste and even prefer ecological detergents to further reduce your environmental impact.

These and many other changes in our lives are due to the fact that we are informed and aware of current problems.

Zero Waste Life

Ana Milhazes, author of the blog “Ana, Go Slowly”, brings us this book as a way to show us how we can be happier with less.

When describing her example, Ana reveals several tips about sustainable consumption, means of transport, organization and cleaning, hygiene, zero waste in the kitchen and the sharing economy.

How to Break Up With Fast Fashion

At a time when clothing production has increased significantly and at the same time, several tons of clothing are going to landfills, it is important that we “wear” the difference.

In this book, journalist Lauren Bravo shows how we can adopt more sustainable ways of shopping.

Zero Challenge

Eunice Maia founded the first zero waste store and organic bulk grocery store (Maria Granel) in Portugal and, through her personal experience, reveals in this book the best strategies for organizing all the rooms in our home.

Furthermore, as changing habits also take place outside the home, Eunice gives some tips for managing purchases and events.

Zero Waste

Bea Johnson through Zero Waste helps us reduce the trash we produce daily.

Based on the philosophy of refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and decompose, it shows us how we can improve our lifestyle and the future of the next generations and the planet.

How Bad Are Bananas?

Data on the carbon footprint and areas that have become important in modern life such as electric cars and bicycles, Twitter and Bitcoin are some of the points we find in this book.

Berners-Lee also reveals how we can manage and reduce our own carbon footprint.

A Life on Our Planet

In this book that is his testimony and his vision for the future, David Attenborough talks about our planet's biodiversity: “The natural world is slowly disappearing. The evidence is everywhere. It happened during my lifetime. I saw it with my own eyes. And it will lead to our destruction. However, there is still time to shut down the reactor. There is a good alternative. This book is the story of how we got here, of our big mistake and how, if we act now, we can fix it.”

Turning The Tide On Plastic

Another sustainability book suggestion is Turning The Tide On Plastic, by Lucy Siegle, which mentions that it is necessary to put an end to plastic problems but also gives us tips on how we can make some changes in our daily lives.

How to avoid a climate disaster

Bill Gates, when studying the causes and effects of climate change, presents us with a book in which he outlines a plan to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of avoiding a climate disaster.

It also tells us in which areas of technology help us reduce these emissions and how we can make technology more efficient.

And on that side, what book or books on sustainability do you suggest?

Author: Daniela Matos