There are various shapes and sizes of clothing to practice any sport. If you play sports or have people at home who do, it's important to know how to wash sports clothes to prevent them from getting damaged.

6 tips for knowing how to wash sports clothes

Most sports clothes are made from synthetic fabrics such as elastane, nylon, polyester and acrylic. After they are used during exercise they smell like sweat and no one likes that, right?

Come on (you don't have to rush) to find out some tips for washing your sports clothes.

Let the clothes air out

Sports clothing fabrics have a great absorption and drying capacity, making them better able to retain odors.

Therefore, so that these can evaporate and to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, it is not advisable to place your sports clothes directly in the usual dirty clothes basket.

To remove sweat, you can also soak your clothes in vinegar for a few minutes: you can use half a glass of vinegar in 5 liters of water.

Place the pieces inside out

Turning the items inside out allows your machine to wash all the most difficult areas, especially the underarm areas that accumulate sweat and deodorant residue.

What is the appropriate washing temperature?

To find out how to wash sports clothes, you should always check the labels on each item of clothing, as this is the only way to know which program you should use, what temperature is indicated, whether the clothes can be ironed and how they should be dried.

And how to wash sportswear with detergent?

If you tend to add more detergent so that your clothes come out of the machine with a greater chance of smelling good, you should stop doing that. If there is an accumulation of detergent on clothes, bacteria will also accumulate, causing the items to have persistent odors.

With your EcoX laundry detergents, simply use 8mL for every kilo of clothes in soft water and 15mL for every kilo of clothes in hard water.

Do not use fabric softener

The use of fabric softener is not recommended for this type of clothing as it can damage more flexible fabrics and create a kind of “film” that can accumulate more odors.

How to dry clothes?

Once you know how to wash sports clothes, it's important to know how to dry them. This point will always depend on the information on the garment's label but, as a rule, it is recommended to dry the clothes naturally and not in the dryer as the heat could damage the fibers.

With all this advice on how to wash sports clothes you will feel even more comfortable exercising. Are you ready to get started?

Author: Daniela Matos