Ecolabel certification has been widely publicized due to its importance at an environmental level, as goods and services are subject to high environmental standards during their life cycle.

In this article, you will learn what this certification is and what its advantages are, as well as which products it can be applied to. Discover which new EcoX upcycling detergents have this distinction.

What is the Ecolabel?

This European Union eco-label was created in 1992 and is currently recognized and valued worldwide.

It certifies goods and services that have a low environmental impact and, to guarantee this, identifies that they comply with environmental standards throughout their life cycle. That is, it takes into account the moments of extraction of raw materials, production, distribution and disposal.

It is important to note that this Ecolabel ecological label not only provides certification but also encourages the development of products that are innovative, durable and recyclable.

Ecolabel certification has several advantages for both companies and consumers.

What are the advantages for companies?

There are some reasons why companies choose to have some of their goods or services labeled Ecolabel, namely:

  • It makes it easier for consumers to choose their products, as they have a globally recognized and reliable certification;
  • It can increase opportunities to do business, as the market increasingly seeks ecological products;
  • Analysis to ensure compliance with environmental standards guides ways to optimize products and processes;
  • This label is based on ISO 14024, which makes it a Type I label.

And for consumers, what benefits can it have?

  • Recognized certification: guarantees that goods and services from different areas comply with environmental standards;
  • It allows you to ensure that products have quality combined with low impact;
  • It conveys confidence as the criteria for this Ecolabel label are periodically reviewed and updated by the European Commission;
  • It ensures that the chemicals used are better for the environment and consumers by following certain requirements.

Which products can have this certification?

Whether they are products for normal use or for the professional field, they are analyzed according to criteria defined by experts in the product area. These criteria are reviewed for the possibility of introducing new technical innovations.

Therefore, the product groups that currently have an Ecolabel are:

  • Cleaning;
  • Clothing and textiles;
  • Coverings;
  • Electronic equipment;
  • Furniture and mattresses;
  • Gardening;
  • Tourist accommodation;
  • Lubricants;
  • Paper;
  • Personal and animal hygiene products.

The cleaning products group

This group includes products dedicated to the domestic and professional sectors. Here, the evaluation criteria are related to the sustainable supply of raw materials, recycling capacity, packaging design and the use of the product itself.

Let's highlight some points that are included in the Ecolabel criteria for this type of products:

  • Compliance with restrictions on the number of toxic substances in the product (e.g. microplastics). In this case, few fragrances, dyes, preservatives and enzymes are allowed;
  • Limit deforestation and ecosystem degradation;
  • Limit imposed on the amount of plastic and waste that ends up in landfills, through analysis of packaging (quantity and type of material, presence of disposal rules, among others);
  • Ensures the efficient use of resources such as water and energy, by requesting products that have good cleaning performance;
  • Ensures products communicate correct doses.

New Ecolabel products from EcoX

More than certifications, EcoX creates impact. On all products you can see various information such as:

  • Percentage of circular economy product;
  • Percentage of natural resources prevented from being extracted;
  • Liters of water protected from contamination.

We know the importance of certifications, but we also know and communicate transparently all our processes and impact data for each product. This is so that, even without certifications, you can trust in the sustainability of your products.

However, we chose to obtain certification for Floor Detergent and Multisurface Detergent.

Citro Floor Detergent removes all types of dirt, degreases and leaves a pleasantly scented environment. It is recommended for cleaning floors and walls in all spaces.

Multisuperficies Citro is a detergent that cleans, removes dirt and degreases various types of surfaces, leaving a fragrant environment. It is suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces in domestic spaces such as tiles, counters, benches, equipment, etc.

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Author: Daniela Matos