September has already begun and with it comes the return to school. Are you a student and looking forward to returning? Or are you a mother/father and worried about buying school supplies? This year we give you 4 days for a sustainable return to school. Come from there.

Your sustainable return to school is this year

Your return to school can be simple and fun but with greater savings and sustainability in your backpack. Do you know how!

Reuse what you already have at home

If you have school supplies from last year, such as pens, correctors, erasers, pencil cases and covers, you can check what is in good condition and use them again.

If you need to buy new material, such as new notebooks, you can opt for reusable notebooks , meaning everything you write can be erased in a simple and practical way!

Shop for second-hand school supplies

Buying school supplies can be a wallet-friendly necessity: by buying second-hand, in addition to giving the materials a new life, you are saving money.

Now it is possible to buy second-hand books and even calculators with the help of Book in Loop .

Share with your family or friends

On your sustainable return to school, start sharing with those you love most.

If there are school materials that you don't need so regularly, you can borrow them or share them with your friends. If you have an older family member to ask for school supplies or clothes, that's also an idea.

Don't forget your lunch box!

One of the moments of the day during the return to school is meals, right? Having a balanced diet is fundamental and you can take your lunch box every day, with what you like or need to eat most.

We give you a suggestion for a sustainable lunch box: the bamboo fiber lunch box .

On that side, do you have any other ideas for a sustainable return to school? On our side, we even help you with your clothes, you know how!

Author: Daniela Matos