In this hot season, with the longer days, you can take the opportunity to start organizing your home and do more specific summer cleaning.

In this content, you will learn about the importance of hygiene and the checklist of important and common tasks for summer cleaning.

What are the benefits of cleaning?

Cleaning is relevant both for every home and for public spaces and workplaces. In general, the advantages of keeping spaces clean are:

  • Prevent skin and health problems
  • Improve good mood and productivity
  • Encourage more people to visit
  • Create a healthy and clean environment
  • Increase the durability of spaces and materials

What to do with summer cleaning?

Taking care of the house is no longer an obligation, right? Organization and cleaning contribute to your well-being, comfort and health. Take advantage of these summer days to do some cleaning tasks.


Eliminates bacteria, dirt and solid waste that accumulate on your floor. In this case, choose to mop the floor regularly to keep it in good condition, free from dirt or scratches.

With the help of Detergente Chão Citro or Detergente Chão Alfazema you guarantee this cleanliness and safety for adults, children and animals, as they are products with a low impact on health and the Planet.

They are suitable for indoor and outdoor floors, wood and can be used on walls and tiles: just add 75mL for every 5 liters of water.


Another summer cleaning is to wash the windows because, with sunlight, you can easily check if they are clean.

However, this cleaning must be carried out without direct sunlight as it quickly dries the product on the surface, causing stains.

Bathroom ware

At a time when people spend more time with friends and family, the bathroom requires greater attention to hygiene.

Ventilate the area to avoid moisture accumulation, eliminate limescale and properly clean all sanitary ware.


One way to keep the kitchen in good condition is to wash the dishes and countertops after preparing meals, as well as taking the trash to its respective containers when they are full.

Cabinets and pantry

Do you know all the products you have in your pantry? And when was the last time you cleaned the shelves?

Now it's time to do it: in addition to cleaning, you can also see what you have that is out of date and use products that are about to expire.

The wardrobe also needs constant tidying and cleaning so that the clothes remain sanitized and do not attract small animals such as moths.

Doorknobs and light switches

During summer cleaning, remember these two “objects” that you touch every day in different rooms, as they are areas that accumulate dirt and bacteria.

Home appliances

Just like furniture that accumulates dust and other dirt, it also happens with household appliances. Regular cleaning eliminates bacteria and increases the durability of the devices.

Curtains, mattresses, rugs

If you feel the need to wash curtains and carpets and air out mattresses, this is the best time to do so as they dry faster and rain is absent for days.

Briefly, we recommend some more cleaning for each room.


  • Flooring
  • Surfaces
  • Dishes
  • Trash
  • Windows
  • Household appliances (fridge, microwave, coffee machine, toaster)

Living room

  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Carpets
  • Windows
  • Curtains


  • Furniture
  • Bed textiles
  • Carpets and curtains
  • Windows
  • Mattress


  • Flooring
  • Surfaces
  • Mirrors and windows
  • Carpets

Now that you have the essential checklist for summer cleaning by your side, choose effective products with a low environmental impact.

Author: Daniela Matos