Halloween, also known as Halloween, is celebrated on October 31st in several countries. This year, experience this moment differently: do you accept the challenge of having a sustainable Halloween?

Costumes, decorations, sweets, games, snacks. These are the various activities carried out on Halloween day and night both in schools and at home.

Ideas for experiencing an ecological Halloween

There are several ways to enjoy Halloween with family and friends without spending money and without having to buy new costumes and decorations.

Make your own outfit

Give free rein to your imagination and create your fantasy: you can wear makeup with clothes you already have (for example, black clothes). On the other hand, use pieces of fabric from those ruined clothes (which you use to make cleaning cloths) and sew your own unique and original costume.

If you need an immediate solution, you can buy a second-hand suit, rent it or simply borrow it from friends and family.

Fantasy treated! And the decoration?

There are several options you can use for decoration: reuse the one from the previous year, make sweets adapted to the theme (we'll give you some ideas later), use leaves that have fallen from trees and choose candles made with vegetable wax.

And the typical pumpkin? You can also use it for decoration but you can use the pulp to make soup and, at the end of the party, use it or put it in the compost bin.

Have fun making different sweets

There are several cookie and cupcake recipes that you can try making with local products and that “taste” or, better yet, fit in with the Halloween season.

Furthermore, if you have children or nephews, encourage them to take a reused bag to collect the sweets.

At the end of the party, keep your house looked after

Cleaning and hygiene are also important to keep your home tidy. Choose products that clean the planet: ecological detergents made from used cooking oil. EcoX detergents reuse highly polluting waste and transform it into effective, vegan and biodegradable products.

Which of these ideas are you thinking of putting into practice this Halloween?

Author: Daniela Matos