Do you love surfing and the sea is your second home, but you still don't know about the new neoprene detergent?

This content is really for you: so you can catch all the waves without neglecting the care of your equipment. Find out the recommended advice on how to wash and care for your surfing suit.

Tips for taking care of your surfing suit

Do you know what you can and cannot do when cleaning your surf suit? Knowing all the essential washing precautions allows you not only to have greater comfort during use but also to increase the durability of the suit.

Increase your comfort and your savings with some very important tips. Before learning about all the suggestions, it is essential that you first take into account the instructions from the manufacturer of your suit.

Take off your suit carefully

Do not use your nails on the neoprene as you could damage the skin and lining. Additionally, try to stay upright so you don't scrape your suit on the contact surface.

Put your wetsuit in the water

Do not store your wet and dirty surfing suit in a closed place after using it, as it will start to acquire odors and bacteria. In other words, after each use it is important to rinse the suit with cold fresh water to remove sea water, sand and all dirt.

With this regular care you will increase its useful life.

Avoid heat

Subjecting surf suits to heat is not a good option, neither when washing nor drying. It is important to be careful to wash them in cold water, as hot water can reduce the fabric's flexibility.

To dry them, place them in the shade, as UV rays deteriorate the fabric.

Is there any care to take into account when washing?

For washing, it is important to choose a product dedicated to this type of suit and it is recommended that they be washed by hand in cold water. Therefore, machine washing is not recommended.

How to dry?

You can let the wetsuit dry inside out and, when the inside is dry, you can turn the suit over to the right side to finish drying.

And can you iron your surf suit?

The answer is very easy: no, as excessive heat will damage the fabric, making it very rigid.

How should you store wetsuits?

Just like regular washing, storing your wetsuit in the best way allows it to always be in good condition for use again.

Proper storage prevents wrinkles and keeps seams stress-free. He suggests hanging the suit around your waist to avoid the same tension in the shoulder and arm areas.

How to wash a surf suit?

After knowing all these general precautions for your diving suit, let's start choosing the right product? Let's go!

Neoprene laundry detergent was developed with the aim of washing and caring for your neoprene suit.

Protects colors and delays the aging and wear process, working quickly to remove algae, bacteria, odor, chlorine, salt and sea impurities.

It is a product made from used cooking oil and its components are quickly biodegradable, with no impact on the oceans.

What is the recommended dose of neoprene detergent?

With neoprene detergent, between 15 and 25mL is enough for every 5 liters of water.

Leave the clothes to soak in water for at least 5 minutes, with the product at the recommended dilution (the longer, the better the effect). In the end, just rinse before letting it dry.

In addition to saving your surfing suit, you can also save the environment by using a vegan and highly biodegradable product, which you can buy in bulk in the quantity you need.

You can also choose your favorite: neoprene laundry detergent with coconut scent and without scent.

Taking off your suit carefully, rinsing it regularly after each use, avoiding heat and knowing how to wash it are some of the tips to increase its durability.

Neoprene laundry detergent helps you with this task by washing effectively, protecting colors and delaying the wear process. Curious about joining the ecological washing trend?

Author: Daniela Matos