During a vacation, packing your bags and leaving the house, even if just for a day, is important to relax and rest. But what are the essentials to take to have an ecological vacation?

Going to the beach, the pool or the countryside means taking some important essentials for hygiene and protection on these hot days. When children and pets come on board, these essentials become even more important.

What to take on vacation?

Have you already chosen your destination and are you currently thinking or even packing your bags? Find out what you really can't forget for an ecological holiday, without leaving a negative impact on the places you visit.

Hygiene essentials

Vacation suitcase: what to take? Hygiene, of course. There are already several sustainable options for various objects that you should take with you:

  • Deodorant: there are those from Ben&Anna, with raw materials of natural origin and vegan ingredients, and Nuud, which neutralizes odor for 3 to 7 days with a single application without containing aluminum or fragrances;
  • Solid shampoo: you can, for example, opt for Shaeco shampoos, produced with sustainable raw materials and ecological packaging, and PlantBase, with 100% plant-based ingredients;
  • Shower gel: Ben&Anna also has solid shower gel, in tablets. Practical for travel, right?
  • The toothbrush and toothpaste are missing: you can opt for a toothbrush with a removable head and toothpaste tablets (for example, from Smyle).

Your water bottle, but reusable

Drinking water during the day, especially on hot days, is important for health and well-being. According to SNS24 , you should drink at least one and a half liters of water every day.

And if you're not at home, are you going to buy a liter and a half plastic bottle of water a day? In addition to the environmental impact, it will also have an impact on your wallet.

How can you avoid these impacts? There are now reusable water bottles of all sizes, shapes and materials. Some are for children and there are several with filters.

Bring at least one reusable cloth

Reusable cloth? For what? If you need to buy food or even souvenirs, you don't need to always ask for disposable bags.

The scale of the plastic problem is easy to understand when we know that the world's population uses five billion plastic bags per year.

Protect your skin

It's not just in winter that your skin needs to be taken care of. It must be taken care of daily, but especially when you are exposed to the sun for a few hours as excess UV radiation causes serious problems.

Some organic UV filters used in sunscreens have been the subject of attention due to possible environmental impacts they may have on water.

There is an alternative: you can choose to bring your sustainable sunscreen. There are some brands such as Acorelle, Amazinc, Sol de Ibiza and Nuura.

Don't forget your conscious swimsuit

If you don't need a new bikini or swimsuit, you can skip this point. It is always more sustainable to reuse what you already have at home if it is in good condition.

However, if you really need a new one, you can opt for sustainable swim shorts, bikinis and swimwear that you can find in stores with certifications or conscious production, such as Conscious The Label, Drope Clothing and Cleome.

Ecological holidays are also synonymous with fun

If you have children in the family, when you ask yourself “what to take for summer vacation?” Do you also automatically think about toys?

Also know that it is possible to have sustainable beach toys that can be handcrafted and made with non-toxic materials.

Once you have all these essentials for an eco-friendly vacation, don't forget to have your favorite detergents ready for when you arrive and have clothes and surfaces to clean.

Author: Daniela Matos