Winter is a time to protect ourselves against the cold without forgetting the care and affection we should have for our home, which is planet Earth, right?

Above all, it is important not to constantly use heating when there are other solutions that allow us to stay warm. One of them is to wear warm and comfortable clothes.

However, the textile industry is one of those that has the most negative impacts on the environment and, according to the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), we Portuguese throw away around 200 thousand tons of textiles per year.

Slow Fashion may be the most sustainable alternative that will allow you to have good quality clothes with a long life cycle. In this article, you can also discover some Portuguese brands that invest in this concept.

Slow Fashion is the alternative

Slow Fashion is characterized as a movement that focuses on more ethical means and forms of production that are based on the use of organic, recyclable and more durable materials.

This movement, unlike Fast Fashion, has a greater concern for people, the environment and animals by defending slower forms of production and sustainable designs that aim to reduce the increase in textile waste in landfills.

To choose sustainable clothes we must take into account whether they are produced with organic, recycled, vegan materials and whether they are part of a fair trade logic in which workers are fairly rewarded for their work and have good working conditions.

It is also important to avoid Acrylic and Polyester in our sustainable wardrobe!

Portuguese Slow Fashion brands

Graph showing the ecological footprint of clothing

Source: Deco Proteste

It is increasingly important to invest in quality pieces and take care of them to keep them for a long time. Come and discover some Portuguese clothing brands.


Our partner is a sustainable fashion brand that encourages a minimalist and conscious lifestyle.

With a minimalist design, it is inspired by the concept of the circular economy to develop recycled products without generating more impact on the environment.

RSM Slow Living

It is a Portuguese brand that is designed and produced in Lisbon and is based on the design of limited pieces without excess waste.


In addition to the t-shirts being made from 100% organic cotton, they also feature illustrations by guest artists, supporting not only the environment but also the talents we have in Portugal. Slow Fashion, sustainability and art is what you can find at Shirtlis.


360 sustainability is part of the entire process: responsible design; selection of raw materials in which the brand prioritizes “suitability for use, resources necessary for production and superior quality”; selection of suppliers; retail; reusable packaging and also collection at the end of life for repair and resale!


Using plastics from the Portuguese coast to produce vegan footwear is this Brand’s thing! With fair and ethical production, its products are 100% Portuguese with particular attention to detail!


Dedicated to women, Buzina produces exclusive pieces in which each collection has just 20 pieces. To avoid waste, the Brand “recovers raw materials from partner factories to produce its collections.”


The artisanal process is the basis of the garments that you create using old and new fabrics!

Le Petit Chiffon

Dedicated to the youngest, Le Petit Chiffon is a Portuguese brand of 100% organic cotton that makes a difference in each baby.

Nae Vegan Shoes

Nae is a vegan footwear brand that advocates non-animal and human exploitation and respect for the environment. It focuses on natural and ecological materials, design, style and quality to offer consumers maximum comfort.


Did you know that buying second-hand clothes is also a way to reduce the impact of the textile industry on the environment? MyCloma has a variety of pieces and even gift cards that you can give to your loved ones.

Author: Daniela Matos