Quality, effectiveness, personalization and authenticity are some of the characteristics of Portuguese products.

It has always been important to support national trade, but now, when COVID-19 has changed things around the world, this help and preference for Portuguese products has become even more important.

According to a Study by the Portuguese Society , in a sample of 1000 participants, 68.8% of participants consider the consumption of Portuguese products to be important to very important.

And why should we choose to buy Portuguese products? Find out some of the reasons in this article.

Yes, choose Portuguese products! But why?

Commerce that sells mostly typical Portuguese products is one of the pillars of the Portuguese economy and also one that embraces sustainability and proximity to people.

There are several reasons to decide that, when purchasing, Portuguese products also deserve to go to our home:

Greater involvement and proximity

We believe that you go to your local café and the employees already know you, right? This happens in several local stores, such as florists, mini supermarkets, pastry shops, clothing, souvenir or utensil stores.

In addition to helping you whenever you need it, they also know your usual purchases.


In addition to the proximity they can have with you, retailers can also give you the opportunity to make a purchase or order according to what you need or how you want a certain product.

Contribute to our economy

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic worsened our economy: several stores suffered losses and others had, unfortunately, to close their doors. But we can all contribute a little to help if we opt for regional Portuguese products.

In addition to helping with the development of Portuguese companies, we are also helping our country's economy and improving the deficit, maintaining or creating jobs and encouraging growth.

Quality consumption

In the same study mentioned above, quality and durability are aspects valued by consumers when purchasing. Around 67.4% say that Portuguese products have better quality and 31.4% say they last longer.

Local food products, for example, are fresh and do not have to go through transport stages or sit on supermarket shelves until they reach your home. Furthermore, they generally do not contain pesticides or preservatives.

Fresh and organic products

In the case of food products, there are several national producers who have organic and organic production and who can deliver their seasonal products to you daily or weekly.

You can also find them at fairs or markets in your area. This way, you always have fresh, organic products in your home without having to resort to packaged products!

Reduce your ecological footprint!

Sustainable consumption and production allow us to reduce our ecological footprint by using resources more efficiently, reducing the use of chemical products and reducing emissions from transporting products that come from other countries.

Author: Daniela Matos