There are old habits that are slowly beginning to emerge in our routine: from reusable diapers to using mesh/cloth bags when shopping, going through several other actions and ending with single purchases.

Bulk purchases are a way to reduce and reuse packaging as well as an option that allows greater personalization when purchasing products. But what are bulk purchases? What are its advantages? Find out everything in this article.

Buying in bulk? What does that mean?

Buying in bulk means that instead of going to the supermarket or store and buying, for example, a can or jar of legumes or cereals, you can take your own packaging and fill it with as much product as you want.

In other words, buying products in bulk is the same as buying individually in that you can only bring home the quantity you need in your own packaging.

We bet that by now you've already realized some of the advantages of buying in bulk, but we'll tell you a few more!

Advantages of purchasing in bulk

Buying in bulk can make your wallet (yes, it can be more economical) and yourself happier by meeting your needs. It is also a way to further protect the environment. You know how and why.

Bulk purchases are environmentally friendly

To buy products in bulk you need to take some things with you. According to Ana Milhazes, you can make a shopping kit with the essentials : a large bag or trolley to transport your purchases, small fabric bags and mesh bags for fruit and vegetables, jars and a pen so you can point out the weights of the items. bottles.

Do you know that plastic production increased from 2.3 million tons in 1950 to 448 million tons in 2015? This information is provided by National Geographic, which states that this production should double by 2050.

By bringing your own cloth or mesh bags and your jars you are reducing the use of plastic or other packaging, whether in normal loose foods (such as fruit) or in packaged foods and, in this way, contributing to the reducing the use of plastic and, consequently, reducing waste.

May be a more economical option

As bulk products do not come with packaging and the quantities are defined by you, prices may be lower.

Personalize purchases to your taste and needs and avoid waste

How many times have you gone to buy a product and thought “I don’t need that much, it’s possible that it will spoil over time”? Sometimes, this is one of the thoughts that makes us hesitate when purchasing a product to avoid food waste. Fortunately, bulk purchases are the solution.

You can buy the quantity you want regardless of the product available for sale in this bulk system that has dispensers for each product and dispensers so you can only take what you need.

According to Eunice Maia , “Purchasing quantities of food correctly adapted to consumption needs reduces waste production.” This way is also great for those products we would like to try but are afraid we won't like.

Support for small national producers

Several grocery stores are careful to support national producers and focus on selling their products, which ends up resulting in the sale of organic products.

Ecological detergents in bulk: it makes a difference on our side

In addition to the usual purchases of cereals, nuts, legumes and many other foods, it is also possible to buy cleaning products in bulk.

EcoX already has a network of stores in the North and South of the country, also including Spain. The use of ecological detergents has made it possible to significantly reduce not only the waste of cooking oil but also the reduction in the disposal of plastic packaging through its reuse when purchased in bulk.

This is another possibility for you to have a personalized gift, but this time to leave your home sparkling and with your favorite scents!

We believe that there is already a product or food that you buy in bulk. After knowing all these advantages, what will be the next one you will purchase individually?

Author: Daniela Matos