There are several activities that combine the health of each of us with the health of the planet. Plogging is a very simple example. Right now, you might be wondering “Plogging? What is it?"

In this article, we will explain what this concept consists of, what its benefits are and how to do it.

Plogging: meaning

This concept arises from two words: one of English origin jogging , which means running, and another of Swedish origin plocka upp , which means catching.

Plogging is an activity that combines physical exercise with collecting trash along the route you have outlined. In other words, while you run or walk you can pick up trash from the ground, such as packaging, plastic utensils, paper, among others.

After this collection, the objective is to recycle everything you collected, thus cleaning all the places you go.

What are the benefits of Plogging?

In this sense, the benefits of this practice are varied and allow relaxation and fun during the exercise combined with protecting the planet through recycling.

It's not just walking or running

As the aim is also to collect rubbish from various locations, this means you have to stretch and bend down. Walking or running is, at the same time, complemented with small movements.

Cardiovascular health

Sport increases your physical resistance, joints and respiratory and cardiac capacity.

Mood also improves

This activity, when involving the practice of sport, causes the production of endorphins or other substances that give sensations of well-being and happiness.

Support for the surrounding community

Collecting trash from the streets and green spaces helps clean residential areas and also makes you feel happy about helping others and the environment.

Group Plogging

Do this activity with your group of friends and have fun while socializing.

Prevents plastic pollution

By collecting any type of trash, you prevent it from reaching rivers and oceans and affecting marine species that end up getting trapped or ingesting plastic materials.

What do I need to do plogging?

After understanding the benefits of plogging, what you need now is to know how you can take action.

It's very simple:

  • comfortable clothes and sneakers;
  • bag of your choice, such as an ecobag, paper or cloth bag
  • gloves
  • commitment to the environment
  • desire to exercise

It is important to highlight that you should choose a safe route and only collect as much rubbish as you can. Hydration during this activity is also essential, as is maintaining correct posture.

Why are initiatives like Plogging important?

Did you know that, in 2020, 5.279 million tons of urban waste were produced in Portugal alone? Although this value was lower than in 2019, the amount of waste produced is enormous.

Graph showing the production of urban waste

Also in 2020, according to the APA , there was an increase in waste deposited in landfills justified by the pandemic.

Graph showing the destination of waste

Therefore, checking all this data, recycling and correct separation of waste is increasingly necessary.

In conclusion, plogging is a practice that combines sport with collecting rubbish anywhere, be it the beach, countryside or streets.

It has several health benefits, as it contributes to cardiovascular health, well-being and happiness. At an environmental level, it reduces pollution and prevents waste from affecting animal species.

Are you ready to start this journey that brings together activism, garbage collection and sport?

Author: Daniela Matos