EcoXperience, a brand that embodies the Mistolin universe, is the first in the world to recover waste, cooking oil, to obtain environmentally friendly cleaning products, 100% biodegradable and with reduced environmental impact.

Born from a startup housed at the University of Coimbra, EcoXperience was created with the aim of rethinking the way detergents are obtained, as well as the traditional sales model for them.

It is from this desire to transform the entire status quo associated with the production and marketing of detergents that EcoXperience was born: a brand focused on obtaining products from the circular economy, which are also marketed within the same sustainable and environmentally friendly spirit, with a focus in bulk sale.

Cooking oils

Every day, around 150 tons of used cooking oil are generated in Portugal alone. Around half of this used oil is not valued, a situation that translates into damage to the environment and a financial burden for municipalities estimated at 300 million euros to remove these used oils from WWTP waters. One liter of oil is capable of contaminating one million liters of water.

In addition to avoiding water pollution and reducing the impact on the use of virgin materials, EcoXperience, by enabling the “refill” system when purchasing detergents, avoids sending millions of packages to the trash every year. With bulk sales, the brand has saved, to date, more than 40,000 single-use one-liter packages.

Currently, the brand offers a range comprising 14 products, aimed at domestic, educational and professional consumption, mainly for the Horeca channel, distributed across 150 points of sale in Portugal.

Bulk sales are essential in the brand's commercial strategy, which hopes to reach, by 2023, around a thousand points of sale equipped with a “refill” system in Portugal and Spain.


Recently, EcoXperience completed the “rebranding” process that transformed the EcoX brand into EcoXperience and which aims to reposition it, bringing it closer to a younger audience that is more attentive and concerned about issues of environmental sustainability. “ We believe that changing to more conscious consumption habits is only possible if consumers are aware of the impact of the entire product cycle on our lives and the world around us. Sharing knowledge between generations is fundamental for acquiring new habits ”, explains César Henriques.

The brand's new positioning also aims to leverage the growth of EcoXperience consumption in Portugal and Spain, priority markets for the brand, and, at the same time, enter new international markets, especially in Central and Northern European countries. “ The Iberian market is essential for the brand’s growth. After strengthening our position in Portugal and Spain, our ambition is to enter the markets of Central and Northern Europe, where consumers are especially attentive to the role and contribution of brands to the sustainability of the planet and environmental responsibility. We believe that EcoXperience has a lot of room to grow here ”, adds the person in charge.

The brand predicts an increase of more than 60% in sales volume for 2022, accompanied by the consequent increase in the weight of exports, with a significant 30% in relation to the values ​​of 2020 and 2021.


The “rebranding” of the brand also involved the design of new packaging whose main characteristic is the fact that they are universal (the same packaging adapts to different types of product).

The new EcoXperience packaging was recently awarded the most important and oldest design award in the world, Good Design, which distinguishes the best design products designed for the consumer. The Good Design Awards are one of the most prestigious and internationally recognized events, organized annually by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, founded in 1950 by world-renowned designers and architects.

Source: Grande Consumo