EcoXperience, a Portuguese startup based in Coimbra, developed a technology that is capable of converting used cooking oils into detergent. This is a highly relevant technology, because used cooking oils are extremely polluting waste.

Just one liter of oil is capable of polluting a million liters of water, which is why consumers are advised to store all types of oil used in cooking in a container (remains of olive oil, leftover oil from tuna cans, etc.) instead of dumping them down the drain – wastewater treatment plants are not capable of dealing with this type of waste, which ends up polluting water sources.

Financing to develop new product

The startup, formed in 2016 by a group of chemists from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Coimbra, has now obtained funding of 700 thousand euros under the European 2020 program. The money will be used to develop One-N-Done, a capsule which converts used cooking oils into different types of detergents, such as window cleaners, floor cleaners, soaps, dishwashers, among others.

According to P3 , the new capsule should hit the market in just two years, given that EcoXperience already has the necessary technology to transform oil into cleaning agents. The technology involves a protein produced by the human pancreas, which mimics the way the body transforms fat into new components.

The startup intends for this technology to reach both the domestic and business sectors and is based on the philosophy of the circular economy, that is, an economy whose premise is the transformation of waste into products that can be used again.

Source: Green Savers