Cycling on a daily basis brings countless benefits for cyclists, our country and the planet.

Do you know the advantages of cycling, for you and the planet? Get to know them in this article.

Urban mobility

The bicycle is a more efficient means of transport in terms of energy used and, after walking, it produces the least emissions. Cycling contributes to better air quality, the efficiency of urban spaces and also the resistance of transport systems. But it is also an economical and environmentally friendly means of transport.

MUBi “advocates a much more significant investment in bicycle mobility by the State – guaranteeing at least 5% of the total transport sector budget in 2021 and progressively increasing to 10% by 2025”.

According to ENMAC, this investment has not yet been implemented. However, it serves to alleviate pressure on public transport, mitigate the negative effects of car use in cities, more specifically with regard to congestion and pollution, and thus better prepare cities for more sustainable mobility.

With EU targets , it is expected to reduce emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, allocating 37% of funds to climate action measures and investing in cycling mobility and its complementarity with public transport in Portugal.

In this way, we will be favoring more sustainable travel options and, at the same time, maximizing benefits for the health of citizens, providing them with healthier lifestyle habits.

Advantages of using a bicycle for your health and your wallet

Using bicycles as a means of transport brings several environmental, social, economic and public health benefits.


Using a bicycle in our daily lives can save a large part of the costs associated with a car, such as purchasing the vehicle, insurance, fuel, inspections and possible repairs.


Cycling contributes to weight regulation and reduces the incidence of hypertension or cardiovascular diseases. It also contributes to a good psychological disposition and to the practice of moderate and regular physical exercise.

Chart with 7 benefits of cycling
Source: CUF

Air pollution

One third of CO2 emissions come from transport, where cars have a large preponderance. Carbon dioxide is a gas that causes a greenhouse effect and, emitted on a large scale, causes global warming and climate change.

Cars also produce other polluting gases that are harmful to human health, such as carbon monoxide. However, the bicycle does not emit any air pollutants or greenhouse gases during movement.

Noise pollution

Pollution caused by motor vehicles causes notable damage to human health , such as hearing loss, increased stress and anxiety. A bicycle produces considerably lower noise levels than a motor vehicle.


The use of bicycles as a means of transport has numerous economic advantages for the country, including lower travel costs, time savings in traffic, lower infrastructure construction costs, such as car parks, reduced costs with health, growth in road safety and increased personal well-being and consequent increase in productivity.

By exchanging your car for a bicycle you are making an environmentally friendly decision, contributing to a healthier life and promoting a more conscious economy.

Help the environment with the right products to clean your bike

Discover our suggestions for effective and simple cleaning of your bike. After all, frequent maintenance prevents damage and premature wear, ensuring that your bike provides efficient and enjoyable riding for longer.

Regular maintenance

By frequently cleaning your bike, you are keeping it in good condition and extending its useful life and proper functioning. Whether it's weather conditions, dust or frequent use, good cleaning is necessary in order to prevent premature wear of parts and potential damage and ensure a completely safe activity.

The frequency and way in which you use your bike will determine how regularly you clean it. Therefore, its maintenance will vary depending on your practice.

If you use your bike daily as a means of transport, we recommend washing it once a week. However, it all depends on the level of accumulated dirt on it.

Products to use

  • To clean dirt you can use Auto Shampoo. Spray the product on specific areas or clean manually using a sponge. Finally, you must rinse your bike with water to remove the foam.
  • For the handlebars and seat, we recommend using Interior Cleaning. Spray the product on specific areas with the help of a sponge and then use a cloth dampened with water to remove the foam. At the end, use a dry, clean cloth to remove any excess water.
  • Your bike's tires and belts accumulate a lot of dirt and grease from oil to lubricate them, which is why you need to use Wheel Cleaner. Spray the product on the areas to be sanitized and, with the help of a sponge, rub until foam forms and the dirt is removed. Finally, rinse with water.

Now that you know the advantages and our suggestions for taking care of your bike, start pedaling towards a more sustainable world.