In any professional field or even in schools, it is important to maintain individual and collective health and safety.

After the appearance of COVID-19, people became aware and concerned about these issues and took more care. In this article, discover the benefits of Alcohol Gel.

What are the benefits of Alcohol Gel?

Ecological Alcohol Gel allows disinfection and protection of hands. Discover its 4 benefits here.

Hydration power

It is possible that after regular and constant use of Alcohol Gel your hands will become drier and rougher.

But what if we told you that this new product has hydration capabilities? It's true, the fact that it is made with a soap base allows for hydration and protection of your hands.

Highly biodegradable

Another of the benefits of Alcohol Gel is that it is a natural and ecological disinfectant. As it becomes an element that can be part of each person's daily routine, it is important that it does not have too much of an environmental impact.

Ecological Alcohol Gel is obtained from used cooking oils and ethanol of natural origin, meaning its components are quickly biodegradable.

Immediate and effective hand disinfection

Hands are one of the main means of spreading different viruses as they are in contact with different surfaces.

Alcohol Gel allows you to disinfect your hands immediately and, therefore, prevents directly contagious diseases, such as COVID-19. This is because it is made up of 70% ethanol, which eliminates the “protective coat” of the virus and ends up killing it.

A dose should be applied to the hands (2-3ml), massaging and paying attention to the fingertips, nails and the space between the fingers until the product has completely evaporated.

Practical use

Due to the fact that it is a single liquid solution, it can be placed in packages of different sizes that are refilled whenever necessary.

It is a product that can be stored in the car, in any suitcase or backpack, on a surface, among others.

The benefits of EcoX Alcohol Gel are unquestionable for protection and health, not only for its effectiveness and immediate disinfection and hydration but also for its practicality.