All homes and establishments need cleaning daily. In the case of professional establishments such as restaurants, municipalities, hotels, IPSS and schools, this cleaning must be done rigorously and with the right products.

In this article, you can learn about ecological detergents for professional cleaning of areas that require constant sanitizing and cleaning.

Ecological detergents for professional cleaning

With the amount of detergent needed to sanitize spaces, it is currently important to also think about using detergents that have a low environmental impact on the Planet.

This impact can be reduced by reusing and transforming waste, used cooking oil, into detergents. Yes, you read that right: it is possible to transform used cooking oil into ecological detergents.

EcoX is a pioneer in the recovery and transformation of this waste, which is very polluting when it is not recovered or recycled correctly. According to Quercus , one liter of used cooking oil is capable of contaminating one million liters of water.

In addition to the domestic aspect, EcoX has a professional range, EcoX Pro, which sells ecological detergents for professional cleaning.

How does EcoX Pro differ from other professional detergent brands?

It is an innovative circular economy project designed for the professional sector, based on the transformation of used cooking oils into ecological detergents. It differs on several points:

  • -50% resource extraction: reduces the extraction of natural resources to produce detergents, which are obtained under the most demanding quality (ISO:9001) and environmental (ISO:14001) standards
  • Collects Used Cooking Oil: promotes and helps clean up the negative impacts that this waste has on homes, the public network, soil, climate and the aquatic environment. At the same time as recycling this waste, it also values ​​it by transforming it into detergents.
  • World Innovation: is a pioneer in transforming cooking oil used in detergents, through technology based on the circular economy
  • Efficiency and safety assured: the products developed have maximum cleaning efficiency and comply with rigorous quality and safety tests

What is the range of ecological detergents for professional cleaning?

EcoX Pro has Mistolin Solutions as its exclusive reseller and offers naturally effective products for even the most rigorous cleaning.

Natural degreaser

It is suitable for cleaning various types of surfaces such as tiles, counters, benches and equipment.

It removes dirt and degreases without perfume, meaning it is suitable for food processing areas or healthcare facilities.


Multisurfaces is effective in daily cleaning of different mirrored surfaces, countertops, ceramic plates, tiles, showcases, counters and TV or computer screens.

Multi-Surface Disinfectant

The disinfection and cleaning of various surfaces (countertops, armrests, handles, glass, tables) are possible with the Multisurface Disinfectant.

In addition to leaving no residue, it is also suitable for food processing areas or healthcare facilities (fragrance-free).

Alcohol gel

Immediate hand disinfection is necessary at various times and with ecological Alcohol Gel it is possible to have a high moisturizing power for your hands with natural components.

Like the Multi-Surface Disinfectant, it is suitable for food processing areas or healthcare facilities (unscented).

Dish Detergent

Effective in cleaning all types of dishes and kitchen utensils, with high degreasing capacity.

Floor Detergent

It is ideal not only for ceramic and stone floors but also for wooden floors, both indoors and outdoors.

Laundry Detergent

For clothes with difficult-to-remove dirt, such as grease or other organic dirt, Roupa Nature is the solution.

In addition to this cleaning, it saves energy by being a detergent capable of working at all temperatures.

Circular Economy Program

Do you know that, according to ZERO , around 60% of used cooking oils are being dumped into sewers?

EcoX Pro allows entities that use cooking oil in their facilities to deliver it and receive ecological detergents made from that same oil. As?

It promotes the collection of used cooking oil, its recovery and the supply of ecological detergents and is dedicated to restaurants, municipalities, hotels, IPSS and schools.

This program solves two daily problems for several professional establishments: the transformation of their waste and the supply of a basic product (detergents).

This is the circuit that allows used cooking oil to be recycled and transformed into ecological detergents for professional cleaning.

And do they have certifications?

Innovation, circularity and sustainability are some of EcoX Pro's differences, which also offers guaranteed certification through the Badge that proves the use of upcycling detergents in the establishment.

Some of the products also have Ecolabel and V-Label certification.

After learning about this professional project, can sustainability, efficiency and circularity enter your facilities?