Soapy is an educational kit that promotes the transformation of used cooking oil (UCO) into cleaning products.

Its use has several advantages compared to other scientific and educational toys. Here are some of the benefits of Soapy that you can offer your child, your child's friend, your nephew or any child over 6 years old.

Advantages of Soapy: the EcoX educational kit

Promotes recycling

SOAPY doesn't just talk about recycling, it promotes it, allowing the biotransformation of cooking oil used in cleaning products.


The kit contains an eco-informative book that highlights the importance of recycling UCO and also explains how SOAPY technology works.


The size of the kit, its utensils and the materials used were chosen to be as environmentally friendly as possible. But above all, respect nature and the environment.


The experience is super joyful. From putting on the glasses and gloves to feel like real scientists, to using the mixer, to the final product, there was no shortage of joy and fun.

Enables family interaction

Children are spending more and more time at school and in extra-curricular activities and, in concert, parents are spending more time at work. Therefore, family interaction is gradually limited and this kit is an excellent tool to counter this, as the activity must be carried out in the presence of an adult.


The kit is reusable, not only because it promotes the reuse of the UCO, but also because it offers the opportunity for customers to purchase only the consumables (in the form of refills), being able to reuse the remaining elements of the kit for biotransformation.


Easy and simple to use. In just four steps and following the description in the eco-information book and the numbering of the labels, you obtain ready-to-use products.

Saves 200 thousand liters of water

According to data from Quercus, one liter of oil is enough to contaminate one million liters of water. Since the kit uses 100 mL of UCO in each experiment, in total we are saving 200 thousand liters of water.

It is useful

The kit, in addition to all the experience and ecological awareness, promotes the obtaining of useful, high-quality, laboratory-tested products that can be used in any home.

Environmentally friendly cleaning product

The use of natural surfactants based on vegetable fats and fully biodegradable excipients makes the products obtained the most environmentally friendly on the market.

With all these advantages of Soapy, will you want to take it home with you?