Christmas is a time to get together with the family, to spend evenings eating and talking, playing board games or watching films typical of this brilliant season.

Sharing and love are the main ingredients of Christmas and, combining a little chocolate with incredible stories, the result can be a united and very happy family.

5 films to watch at Christmas

At Christmas, watching films is part of the “checklist” of many families. To help you choose which Christmas films to watch with your family, we offer some suggestions. Come on!

Christmas Chronicles

Together with his sister, a young man helps Santa Claus save Christmas after his sleigh was accidentally destroyed. This is a comedy for ages 7 and up that has two films (yes, this one has a second part!) and stars Kurt Russell, Judah Lewis, Darby Camp, Lamorne Morris, Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Oliver Hudson.

Elf - The False Elf

If there are children around the house, this might be the most appealing option for them as it is for all ages! This film tells the story of an elf who, as a child, was taken to the North Pole.

As he doesn't fit in there, he decides to travel to find his father and spread some joy at Christmas. Will Ferrell is the protagonist of the film.

A Christmas Carol

This film is a dramatic comedy in which, after learning that she suffers from leukemia, the family matriarch (played by Catherine Deneuve) asks her children and grandchildren during the Christmas gathering if they can be bone marrow donors.

Angela's Christmas Wish

With Lucy O'Connell, Brendan Mullins and Ruth Negga starring as the main voices, this moving film tells the story of a girl, Angela, whose father works in Australia and tries to come up with a plan to bring her entire family together. Christmas time.

There are 47 minutes of emotion and determination to watch with everyone at home.


Another Christmas movie to watch with the family is Gremlins. For people over 13 years old, this horror comedy tells the story of a man who offers a small animal to his son.

Despite appearing innocent, this little creature creates an army of diabolical creatures.

There are several Christmas films to watch with the family and there are always classics like Harry Potter, Grinch, Home Alone and Polar Express. To accompany these suggestions, you can also choose sustainable chocolates!

Watch your family Christmas film and treat yourself to sustainable chocolates

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Author: Daniela Matos