EcoX, the first brand in the world to recover waste – cooking oil – to obtain upcyling cleaning products, measured the impact of its activity on the planet throughout 2023, released in a statement.

According to the same source, from the data analyzed “it is important to highlight the recovery of 6000L of used cooking oil, which led to the bulk sale of more than 55 tons of EcoX detergents. Bulk sales, one of the brand's essential focuses, also made it possible to avoid the use of 65,000 packages single-use”.

Throughout 2023, the treatment and reuse of used cooking oils made it possible to protect more than 4M liters of water from contamination and prevented the emission of 7986.68 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

All products from the brand, which is part of the Portuguese group MSTN, are sustainable, biodegradable, vegan and can be purchased in bulk, in more than 200 partner stores of the brand.

In fact, bulk sales are structural in EcoX's commercial strategy, with the objective for 2024 to reach more stores to be closer to the target audience, expanding the offer in Spain and the presence in more countries.

Sustainable and biodegradable detergents have come to occupy a prominent place in the preferences of Portuguese consumers, in line with international trends. By 2024, EcoX expects to reach a turnover of around 500 thousand euros.

The transformation of used cooking oil into ecological detergents “is one of the differentiating points of this 100% Portuguese brand, aimed at domestic and professional consumption”.

Source: Greensavers