Hotels, restaurants, laundry services, homes… all of these sectors must guarantee a professional service not only in terms of supply but also in terms of environmental and human concerns.

When it comes to cleaning, this is no exception. Currently, there are ecological products that are effective in cleaning various surfaces and materials. And do you know that the best part is that they are produced from used cooking oil, thus giving this waste a new life?

Discover the benefits of the new laundry detergent for the professional sector.

Laundry detergent for the professional sector: clean clothes with a sustainable scent

You can feel your clothes in a sustainable way and make your customers happy and comfortable: Roupa Nature makes these sensations possible. As?

This ecological laundry detergent is effective in washing clothes with difficult-to-remove dirt, such as grease and other organic dirt. The fact that it allows washing in cold water makes it possible to save energy.

Another big difference between this laundry detergent for the professional sector is that it is produced from used cooking oil. In other words, used cooking oil from partner establishments is collected and transformed into ecological detergents.

This avoids the extraction of the planet's primary resources and the problems that arise from cooking oil used in homes, the public network, the aquatic environment, the soil and the climate.

The new Roupa Nature is quickly biodegradable, that is, its components degrade in the environment in a few days.

How can you use this detergent and leave your clothes clean and with a pleasant scent?

It's very simple: just put around 8-15 ml of laundry detergent in the machine drawer for every kilo of dry clothes.

For difficult stains, apply a few drops of product directly to the stain before washing.

Ideas for organizing your laundry room

In addition to laundry detergent for the professional area, organization also allows you to simplify tasks and make them faster and more successful. We give you some ideas:

  • Sort clothes by color into different baskets: colored, white and black clothes
  • Organize cleaning products in a specific place
  • You can organize cleaning ideas or tips on boards