Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen is an increasingly crucial action, not only due to the increased demands on preparing meals but also for the safety of employees.

Therefore, nowadays and despite the day-to-day rush of preparing meals, it is necessary to have a routine of hygiene and cleaning of spaces with the appropriate products as a way of guaranteeing quality, trust and safety for everyone.

But how to clean the kitchen? What are the important products you can use? We give 5 suggestions.

It's easy to clean your kitchen effectively

Having the ideal helpers for each area of ​​the kitchen by your side makes it even easier to clean it effectively, avoiding the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Discover some tips on how to clean your kitchen regularly and thoroughly.

Dishes cleaned manually or in the machine

Let your dishes shine and stay free from stubborn grease and dirt: Manual Dish Detergent has a high degreasing capacity and allows you to clean all types of dishes and kitchen utensils.

On the other hand, for dishwashers, the Dishwasher Powder detergent also allows efficient cleaning of dishes with grease and food residues. As it has no foam, it is suitable for automatic dishwashing.

Protected Multi-Surfaces

In the kitchen, the fact that food is in contact with various surfaces means that they need to be cleaned and sanitized.

For effective cleaning, use Multisurfaces: it allows you to clean different mirrored surfaces, countertops, ceramic plates, tiles, display cases and counters. This is a product that solubilizes all dirt, eliminating them easily.

If you need extra help, Natural Degreaser supports you. In addition to removing all types of dirt, it has the ability to degrease and, as it is fragrance-free, it is suitable for food processing areas.

If your doors, equipment and walls need it, it is also a suitable helper.

The floor can reflect shine and cleanliness

It is important to note that kitchen cleaning must follow a top-to-bottom order. This is because debris can fall from countertops and cabinets and, therefore, the floor is the final cleaning touch. But how to clean the kitchen floor to get the best result?

If the kitchen floor is made of ceramic, stone or wood, there is always a solution: Floor Detergent leaves the floor clean and fragrant.

Disinfection of spaces: check

COVID-19 changed hygiene habits, that is, it intensified them in terms of constant and daily disinfection of spaces to protect employees and customers.

In addition to this advice that helps you know how to clean your establishment's kitchen, we also have a solution to disinfect it correctly.

To meet this need, we produce the ecological Multi-Surface Disinfectant for the immediate disinfection and cleaning of various surfaces such as countertops, armrests, handles, glass and tables.

As it is fragrance-free, it is suitable for food processing areas.

How to clean the kitchen and make a difference?

These ideas on how to clean the kitchen, in addition to the appropriate products, must be complemented with a cleaning routine, established among all employees, of surfaces as well as equipment.

Even when cleaning and disinfecting, you make a difference when you use these helpers that give new life to used cooking oil. The products are made from this waste in an innovative way that is based on the circular economy.