Reuse your packaging

Check out our Re-EcoX program: you can return your empty packaging to us and we’ll refill it! At no cost to you.

The future is clean,
over and over again.

Free Shipping

Free shipping on orders worth €40 or more to mainland Portugal.

Circular Concept:

from product to packaging

with 50% recycled plastic

Recognized with the Green Good Design Award

Do you know that we have a partnership with the Associação Vegetariana Portuguesa?

Non-profit organization, whose mission is to promote vegetarian food as a healthy, compassionate and ecologically responsible lifestyle, which seeks not only the person’s own well-being, but also the well-being of animals and the sustainability of the planet.

Again and again: Past, Present and Future

We believe in the power of circular models to create effective and safe cleaning for all homes and the entire ecosystem.

More than recycling, we reuse

We do a lot to make the products 100% (in addition to being biodegradable, of course) to guarantee your maximum safety, comfort and cleanliness in what is a safe space in your life: your home.

Where can you buy?

You can help clean up our world directly from your home on our online store, or you can buy as much EcoX as you want from our partner store closest to you.

Efficient cleaning for your home and our planet

Full Range of Products

We are the first company in the world to use waste to obtain environmentally friendly cleaning products.

An innovative concept that reaches every home through packaging and communication distinguished with the Green Good Design award. This award promotes exceptional companies and products that inspire progress towards a healthier and more sustainable universe.

Why do they choose us?

Meet our ambassadors!

Value to the world

“Being an ambassador for EcoX is a privilege. It was not necessary to think twice to accept the honor of being able to associate myself with a brand with a purpose so important to the world and so focused on its mission.”

Catarina Barreiros
Do Zero

Circular Economy Promoters

“For me, consumption habits are like the trenches of environmental activism, where all gestures count. Each purchase is a vote and choosing EcoX products, Portuguese, ecological and promoting the circular economy, is voting on practices fully aligned with my values. It couldn’t have been easier to accept the invitation to be an ambassador for this brand.”

Joana Guerra Tadeu
Chá das Cinco • live 2.ª a 6.ª às 17h
#impactfluence • live 5.ª às 21h

Bulk Effectiveness

“I am very proud to be one of the ambassadors for EcoX, a brand that brings us ecological detergents made from used cooking oil, vegan and 100% biodegradable. Produced in Portugal, EcoX detergents can be purchased in bulk (reuse the packaging – which is a plus!) and, most importantly, they are really good.
I was using a baby laundry detergent to wash Leo’s clothes, but I quickly started washing everything with these detergents.”

Joana de Vivre

Sustainable and economical

“Being an ambassador for EcoX is a huge pleasure, I got to know the brand in its first steps and I have been a fan and passionate ever since. They are perfectly aligned with me in the sense that they facilitate the practice of sustainable and environmentally friendly actions at the same time that they bring quality products at affordable prices to the market. I am very happy and grateful to be able to be part of the wonderful project.”

Bruno Alves

Become an EcoXpert

Do you know we have a points program for you?

It’s simple: just create your account!

By creating an account you will immediately earn 100 points and for every €1 you earn 2 points! All the points you have can be exchanged for prizes. We have more news: when you leave your opinion on each product, you will receive 50 more points.

Are you ready to be an EcoXpert in sustainability?

Naturally effective also for professionals

Innovative movement that aims to be an inspiration for global initiatives in the areas of ecology, recycling and valorisation of resources.

The Green Grease circular economy

Innovative movement that aims to be an inspiration for global initiatives in the areas of ecology, recycling and valorisation of resources. Get to know the whole process and the benefits of this innovation and environmental awareness project.

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