How do we make a difference?

More than detergents, we are the cleaning experience

-50% Extraction
of Resources

We avoid the extraction of natural resources: We reduce (by +50%) the extraction of natural resources to produce our products.

Products obtained under the most demanding standards of quality (ISO:9001) and environment (ISO:14001).

UCO Collection
Less Impact

We promote and help to clean the negative impacts of used cooking oil in our homes, public network, soils, aquatic environment and our climate.

We collect your oil, both in the public network and in the oil tanks that we have in our partner stores.

Plastic As
Part of the Solution

We value plastic because it is part of the solution. We have created a unique packaging with 50% recycled plastic for our products, according to their quantities, so that you can reuse it over and over again with your favorite product or scent over and over again.

Again and Again,

After use, the packages are sanitized, qualified, refilled and placed on the market.

We make it possible for you to deliver the packages to us for refilling or you can have a bulk experience in our stores.

Renewable Resource Usage

Através da economia circular a EcoX caminha em direção a um futuro mais sustentável através do reaproveitamento de ingredientes e embalagens e da diminuição do uso de recursos primários.

100% Portuguese Products

EcoX products are produced in Portugal by certified companies that transform waste from our partner entities into biodegradable detergents.

Waste Valuation

EcoX is a world pioneer in the production of ecological detergents made from waste (used cooking oil).

World Innovation

EcoX is the pioneer in transforming waste into 100% ecological detergents through an innovative technology based on the circular economy.

Vegan and Biodegradable Products

EcoX products are not tested on animals and are environmentally friendly as they are 100% biodegradable.

Customizable Offer

Ecological detergents can be purchased in bulk, which allows them to be adapted to the needs of each person and avoids waste.


The power of cleaning allied to the protection of the planet, people and animals through circular models.

Assured Security

All our products comply with rigorous quality and safety tests, being cruelty free.

Circular from contents to packaging

Made from 50% recycled plastic and designed to last

With the context of use and reuse in mind, our packaging was consciously designed and designed in plastic, with 50% recycled material in its composition.
This material offers a much longer life and reuse period than any other material, which would possibly end up in the trash after one or two uses.

The bottles were designed and thought to:

  • Easily washable: and you can refill with any EcoX product.
  • Adapt to any usage scenario: you just need to change the cap.
  • Less emissions in transport = improving the ecological footprint of transport.
  • Ergonomic and adapted to the context of use: they don’t slip as easily as glass.
  • The translucent plastic lets you control how much detergent you have left.
  • They are recyclable: after many uses, if the bottle does not fulfill its function, you can place it in the Yellow Ecopoint.

Re-EcoX System

Do you want to reuse your packaging?

This program is dedicated to you! It allows you to reuse EcoX packaging if you do not have the opportunity to go to any of our partner stores.

All 0.85L bottles, 5L and 20L carboys can be used in the Re-EcoX system.


How it works?


Checkbox - Re-EcoX program step 1

Make your purchase and at checkout select the option “I want to participate in the Re-EcoX program”


Label - program Re-EcoX stage 2

In this order, we will send you a label so that you can put it in the box where you want to return your empty packages to us, at no cost to you.*

*NOTE: gather as many packages as possible to return and put everything in one box.


Hand with a box - Re-EcoX program step 3

When you prepare the box, just deliver it to a Pickup DPD store or on delivery of your next order.


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