Our home is made of surfaces and objects, isn’t it? Some people have a very specific day dedicated to cleaning and others simply clean the house every day.

But how to clean home surfaces in a simple and, at the same time, effective way? Discover the 4 essential steps or, as they say, your 4 cleaning helpers.

Cleaning surfaces at home: the 4 EcoX helpers

If you are one of the people who is excited about cleaning the surfaces at home or, on the contrary, you are bored with cleaning, we support you in both ways: efficient cleaning and guaranteed comfort! Shall we get started?

Step 1: Degrease surfaces

Countertops, refrigerators, stoves, ceramic or other hobs, ovens, grills, extractors,... well, I think you get the idea: all these surfaces are left clean and shining with Multisurface Kitchen Degreaser .

It is an EcoX helper that removes dirt and degreases wherever it goes. In addition to being multifaceted in its function, it is also multifaceted in its use: it can be used pure, through a spray gun, or diluted.

Step 2: Clear reflections (and we're not talking about thoughts)

All your mirrored surfaces, glass, tiles, display cabinets and counters can rest easy: their cleanliness is guaranteed with Citro Multisurfaces , a product created by reusing used cooking oil.

Step 3: Clean your feet

After the highest surfaces, the floor is missing, right? Did you know that with our help you can leave yours with the scent of lemon or lavender?

The floor detergent is suitable for indoor and outdoor floors, tiles and is also suitable for wood. Have you already taken your first steps with this ecological cleaning?

Step 4: We didn't forget Vinagre fans!

Cleaning Vinegar is a product that works on almost all surfaces: floors, windows, kitchen, bathroom... In addition to removing odors in cupboards, it eliminates limescale and adhesive residue. Did you already know these added values?

Surface cleaning products

Kitchen with numbers in various locations indicating the appropriate cleaning product to clean surfaces in the home
Author: Daniela Matos