The kitchen is perhaps one of the rooms, after the bedroom, where we spend the most time, right? It's the room where we have lunch and dinner and even where we go to get some food when we're hungry.

As it is a place that we usually use for cooking and eating, it needs daily cleaning and care. But how to clean the kitchen? What cleaning products to use?

Wash the dishes manually

For those who don't have a dishwasher, the only option is to wash the dishes manually with the right detergent. Manual dishwashing detergent has a high capacity to remove grease and is suitable for all types of dishes.

Furthermore, as its base contains soap, it is not aggressive to the skin. With this product you can help the environment: it is a detergent that comes from the reuse of waste (used cooking oil)!

We also have some cleaning accessories to help you with this task:

  • Wooden brush: made with sustainable wood and natural bristles and is ideal for washing pans, bottles, plates and glasses;
  • Wooden dish brush: made with natural vegetable fiber bristles, it is recommended for washing dishes, frying pans, pots or dishes;
  • Brush: composed of natural bristles and a cotton tip, it allows effective cleaning of the base of bottles, bottles, cups or jars;
  • Lufa: this sponge of plant origin, in addition to being able to be used as a bath and house cleaning sponge, has the particular advantage of not scratching dishes.
  • We don't have this one, but it can help: do you have clothes that you no longer wear because they are no longer in the right condition? Use it to make cleaning cloths! In addition to being reusable, they save thousands of liters of water.

Wash the dishes in your washing machine

With powdered dishwasher detergent you can wash your dishwasher sustainably in the washing machine.

It is dedicated to washing dishes and has a great capacity to remove dirt, especially grease and food residues.

As it does not have foam, it is suitable for automatic washing of dishes in all types of water.

Clean kitchen surfaces

Leave your kitchen surfaces sparkling clean! With the Multisurface Degreaser you can clean and degrease, on a daily basis, all types of dirt from your countertops, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, grills, extractors and ceramic hobs.

If you have problems with limescale on your surfaces, vinegar is the solution to combat it.

How to clean the kitchen floor

Before cleaning the floor with a mop, you can sweep or vacuum to remove small debris. After this work is done, you can clean the floor with Floor Detergent and leave your kitchen with a citrus or lavender scent.

It is also intended for outdoor flooring and can be used on walls and tiles, and is also suitable for wood. With this product you move towards sustainability!

Clean the kitchen cabinet

In the kitchen, Vinegar is multifaceted! In addition to being able to function as a dishwasher rinse aid, it also removes odors from cupboards and containers.

Kitchen with several numbers indicating the appropriate cleaning product to clean that area of ​​the kitchen
Author: Daniela Matos