Mistolin, based in Vagos, district of Aveiro, became the first company worldwide to recover waste, in this case food oil, “to obtain environmentally friendly cleaning products – 100% biodegradable and with reduced environmental impact.”

Born from a startup housed at the University of Coimbra, the detergent branded as 'EcoXperience', after a rebranding process, follows the concept of a circular economy, which is more environmentally friendly.

In addition to avoiding water pollution and reducing the impact on the use of virgin materials, Ecoxperience, by enabling the refill system when purchasing detergents, avoids sending millions of packages to the trash every year. With bulk sales, the brand has saved, to date, more than 40 thousand single-use 1L containers.

The brand has a range that includes 14 products, aimed at domestic, educational and professional consumption, mainly for the Horeca channel, distributed across 150 points of sale in Portugal.

Bulk sales are essential in the brand's commercial strategy, which hopes to reach around 1,000 points of sale equipped with a refill system in Portugal and Spain by 2023.

Mistolin intends to take the 'Ecoxperience' range to new international markets, especially in Central and Northern European countries.

A commercial approach that could lead to “an increase of more than 60% in sales volume for 2022, accompanied by the consequent increase in the weight of exports with a significant 30% in relation to the values ​​of 2020 and 2021.”

The new 'EcoXperience' packaging was awarded the oldest design award in the world, “Good Design” (design products designed for the consumer).

Source: Aveiro Diary