When you're on vacation, in addition to planning all the destination logistics, clothes and meals, it's important to think about how to entertain the children during their day at the beach.

If you usually go to the beach with children and don't know how to entertain them and, at the same time, stimulate their development, check out some sustainable beach toys.

Sustainable beach toy ideas

It's summer: classes and educational games in the school yard give way to days of rest in new places that are different from the usual routine.

When they go to the beach or the pool, children can make new friends, but when they are alone, they have fun playing. And if you like toys, how can you do so in a more sustainable way?

Achado Workshop

This project dedicated to little ones has several traditional games in which colors are visible. These are games made with non-toxic materials and 100% handcrafted.

Dedicated to the beach, Oficina do Achado has a nail game that aims to stick a nail in different ways into the sand.

Beach toy: nail to put in the sand


Quality, robustness and diversity is what distinguishes Giros, which offers solutions with didactic and pedagogical value.

With sustainability in mind, the brand offers a line of ecological toys that reduce the negative effect of the human footprint by 25% as they are made from wasted rice, husks and sugarcane.

The ELOU Recreational Boat is one of the sustainable beach toys you can find: it is 100% sustainable and Portuguese.

Toy boat for children

Clara Baby

At Clara Baby, a childcare store where you can find quality products for babies, you can opt for the Nordic beach set which has 12 toys made with 100% eco-friendly EPI material and without toxic additives.

Beach Toy Set

Happy Forest

Bosque Feliz is a toy and wooden materials store that specializes in open, sustainable toys through fair trade.

One of the suggestions for the beach is the Green Beach Set consisting of a sieve, a shovel and a bucket made of metal and wood. Another sustainable beach toy is 100% recyclable silicone molds.

Beach Toy Set

Although toys can be important for fun and education, the most important thing is to take sunscreen and healthy snacks with you.

Author: Daniela Matos